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The History began

In 1958, a member of the second generation of my family, my father, Mr. Santi Sivakua, successfully established and managed the company, then called Santi’s Antiques. The company has since prospered, and has received recognition from local antique dealers. In Thailand, Mr. Santi has been acclaimed as one of the premier expert in Chinese porcelain and Southeast Asian artifacts. In the past Mr. Santi has served as an expert consultant on Chinese antiquities, as well as Buddhist artifacts for several reference publications.


After being cultivated and passed on from one generation to another, Mr. Santi retired from the antiques business as the dealer, but continued to collect and advise on antiquities. In 1990 the company’s operation was transferred to his son, Mr. Suk Sivakua, and renamed “Friday Antiques.” To gain exposure to foreign customers, the company was moved to Thailand’s biggest antique centre, “River City Shopping Complex”.

Today, Friday Antiques’ collections on Khmer and Chinese work of arts and special Thai ceramics, operated with 3 shops in Rivercity. Do visit the next page for viewing sample of object d’ art.

Suk Sivakua and Friday Antiques

Suk Sivakua is a member of the third of family to be engaged in the antiques business in Thailand since 1920’s. Our expertise is in Cambodian artifacts and Chinese porcelain. Graduated with Political sciences degree, Suk is fascinated with Cambodian antiquities likewise his father. As a result, he decided to continue his father business and be able to manage to be a well received and recognized as one of the most reputable antiques dealer in Thailand. Visit us at www.fridayantiques.com and www.angkorantiques.com


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